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Sometimes So-Called Game Cheats Are More Like Instructions Than How to Cheat

Not all of the so-called cheats I see for apps are really cheating. There are some that are just things you can do to win a level. There are no long instruction manuals given with games. You learn special moves and manipulations of the controls to accomplish things by going to the online community of game players. However, you could look for hours to find a trick to accomplish something in game play. This is why I looked for a central location that had Real Racing 3 cheats. As you move up in levels, you need to learn skills to get through the races that are not in any instructions.

Games leave you to figure it out for yourself or to look for other players who learned how to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to do. I have played the same races over and over messing up in the same spots over and over because I did not know exactly what was needed to get through there. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 18

The increasing craze of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs)

This is the era of online games. Besides the other online games played over internet, massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) have gained a huge popularity due to the fact that they are more than just playing a game for leisure time. Decorated with virtual environment these games give players the real world adventures in an imaginary world. Players can interact with other players, choose their occupation just like they do in the real life, they can fight, purchase, and they can do many things to make an identity in the virtual world.

There are many popular games of such kind but some games have made a mark in the virtual world by attracting millions of players. Some of the more popular games include World of Warcraft (WOW), The Lord of the Rings online (LOTRO), and Warhammer Online (WAR) etc. The game CDs can be purchased easily from online stores as well as from any casual game store. An activation key is provided to make an account, players without the authentic keys cannot log on to the game servers. After making a successful account players can start playing instantly. These games are so interesting that they attract the people of all age group. It does not matter if you are a kid or an old person- all come together online to interact and have fun. You can play games in comforts of your home. The more you play the more can explore the virtual environment of the game. All these types of games generally involve their own particular virtual currency, which the players use to buy virtual goods like weapons, clothing, and learning new traits, for a quest etc. Warhammer gold is the virtual currency of Warhammer online game; players have to farm gold in the game.

Warhammer is

Feb 16

Online Multiplayer Cricket Games

Online multiplayer games
Online gaming has been very popular since the time the Internet started providing gaming opportunities to people. While earlier generations got their dose of adrenaline by playing video games alone or with a partner, with the introduction of online multiplayer games, computer game enthusiasts have got the opportunity to try their hand at challenging players across the world. The games on offer could vary from cricket to football and golf.

Online Multiplayer Cricket Games at Krishcricket.com
www.krishcricket.com is a website which is dedicated to the game of cricket and is promoted by the legendary cricket player Krishnamachari Srikkanth himself. The site is the hub for all cricket enthusiasts who wish to exchange notes regarding their favourite game. Apart from cricket videos, news, reviews, blogs and scores, the site gives people the option to play free online games.

How to play the free multiplayer games at krishcricket.com:

Step 1: Ensure that your PC fulfills the minimum machine requirements like 256 Mb RAM & a Pentium 4 processor with 1.5 Ghz speed. You will also need Flash Player 7.0 or later on your PC, this player can be easily downloaded from Macromedia website.

Step 2: Login with your username & password. Registration on the site is free and hassle free.

Step 3: Click on the Multiplayer tab in the top navigation of the site that will lead to the online multiplayer games on offer on the site.

Step 4: Once you click on the multiplayer games button, you will get a list of games available to play. The games include biginners, intermediate & pro levels. There are various games available that are specific to a cricketing stadium, like the MA Chidambaram Stadium Chepauk, Chennai, India game. Select the one that you like, ideally one should start

Feb 16

d Multiplayer Adventure Games – The Inner Message

Games that the girl children play in general cannot be compared to the adventure games for boys. Even if you consider the casual video game that is selected by a girl, and a boy of the same age group there would be a lot of difference. Boys would always like the exciting and thrilling games such as the 3d action games.

Adventure games for boys in general should be designed with great care. There should be a message in line always, that the evil is to be destroyed and the goodwill wins. It could be considered as a casual video game, by others in general. Still these are some important things that instil great ideologies in the young minds. It is why the super heroes like the he man, spider man, super man and bat man are all good people, and fight always for the justice.

One of the interesting attributes in the children is that, they seldom love to sleep, but continuously want to be doing one kind of task or the other. It could be a boring game, or a drawing or watching television cartoon shows, or anything else for that matter. In fact, sleeping hours of a child aged anywhere between 3 to 12 should be higher than the higher aged children. Still. They love to be occupied all the time. As educated parents, we should be in a position to help them out right ways, in providing them the right type of platform. What should they play to have fun? What should they study to get educated at a faster pace? All these things are to be designed and provided to them in right proportions appropriately. Remember, you are in the process of building a great future generation and no sinecure.

Every other

Feb 16

Lineage 2 Multiplayer

It’s hard to say that the MMORPG market isn’t saturated. Many games have lost subscribers, including the big-name ones that have been hyped to huge degrees. Still, publishers keep pushing these games out because of the huge profit margins that the successful multiplayer MMORPGs have.

MMORPG Private Servers NCSoft was only known for working in Korea before, but they are now hitting the rest of the world with two MMORPGs that launched simultaneously: City of Heroes by Cryptic Studios and Lineage 2 by NCSoft Korea.

L2 is a sequel to a game most people in the rest of the world haven’t even played; the first game is a huge hit across cybercafes throughout Korea. This one has plenty of changes, though, like an impressive 3D engine, all-new art, and a siege system. Combine this with the first one’s fairly simplistic gameplay and open PvP system, and we have Lineage 2. But most MMORPGs fail to deliver everything that’s promised – at least not at first – and sadly, this game is no exception.

You might be surprised to find out that Lineage 2 uses the Unreal engine. NCSoft has taken Epic’s excellent game engine and added a dynamic loading system so that the whole game runs in a seamless world. They’ve also done some work to the network code so that hundreds of players can interact simultaneously in one area. The beautiful pixel-shaded water causes a major hit on frame rates, but it can be turned off if you like.

Lineage 2 got plenty of beta testing in the Asian market, so it is relatively bug-free in its release form here. It will even run fairly well on older computers if you turn the detail all the way down, but I wouldn’t really try it on

Feb 15

Multiplayer Adventure Games Tech The Players About Team Work And Self Confidence

The success of different online games like; online flash adventure games or play puzzle games online is the testimonial of the fact that youth of today’s generation are patronizing these games in a big way. One particular game called multiplayer game which, as name suggests and played by more than one player has also caught the attention of the youth. Nowadays multiplayer adventure games are in voyage and the beauty of this game is that it not only improves the imagination of the players, but also, teaches them how to solve problems. This positive influence is also helping grow, no wonder multiplayer adventure games are going great guns.

The multiplayer adventure games are in demand not only for their unmatched thrill which they provide to the players, but also, due to certain advantages which can help the player even in the real world. This game is famous for drilling one thing in the mind of the gamers that networking is an essential part of this game, which in turn forces the player to understand the true meaning of the team. It also encourages healthy competition between the players, which once again is good particularly for the parents. The developer of this adventure games has developed the game in such a way that even though it is a multiplayer game yet it gives reward points individually, which means it can improve the self confidence of the people who are playing it.

If you love puzzle then play puzzle games online concept will make your day. Puzzle games are not just a game but much more than that. According to different researches playing puzzle games not only improves the critical thinking, but also, helps the gamers to improve their concentration. This is one of the reasons why people love to

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